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Bought a brand new or even used vehicle recently? Let us take the stress out of you travelling across the country to collect the vehicle. We can collect your new vehicle on your behalf from any dealership across the UK. No need to take the day off work or book multiple public transport links. Simply leave it to us to deliver your new vehicle to your door anywhere in the UK.


We work for a number of Car dealerships across the UK and are always looking to take on new customers in the motor industry. From delivering new stock to delivering vehicles to your customers. Get in touch if we can help

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We take great care when it comes to transporting classic vehicles. We understand these are your pride and joy and require extra care. Many years experience help our team safely transport your classic vehicle to and from anywhere in the UK.  Insurance cover is up to £150,000 covering your classic car whilst being transported on our vehicle transporters.  With a 2.5 tonne weight capacity we can cover the American classics too.

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By specialist vehicles we mean those vehicles that are different from the others. From a 3 wheeler bond bug to a track car or even a replica Formula 1 car. We have you covered. We are experienced and confident in transporting these vehicles for you. We accept the challenge.


Motorbikes are quite common for us too. Having strong connections with motorbike dealers we are used to loading and securing motorbikes for transport up and down the UK. 

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Some of our favourite jobs, Barn finds or garden finds.jpeg


Some of our most interesting and some of my favourite jobs to take on. Flat tyres, rotted bodywork, seized wheels and the rest. In a garden, barn or stuck on the drive. Using the right equipment we can carefully load these vehicles and transport them to any destination in the UK. You'd be amazed what we come across. Please contact the team at TH Auto if we can help you get the wheels turning again.

Some of our favourite jobs, Barn finds or garden finds.jpeg


Having a couple of successful contracts in this area we are always looking to transport agricultural vehicles. Having a 2.5 Tonne load capacity we can carry industrial sized mowers, small tractors and agricultural equipment. Having the correct knowledge on how to load and safely deliver. If you need any help with transport in this area please get in contact today, Great rates and correct insurance is in place for this area of transport 

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